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“Heritage House is a three phase inpatient facility for men.We don’t require insurance, application fee, or intake fee, and our short application process often leads to same day placement.”

Who are we?

A 501c3 non profit, Faith Based, Inpatient, Residential Program that is completely free of cost to the candidate–with no insurance needed.



How do we achieve this?

Heritage House is underwritten and funded by Churches, Ministries, Individuals and Businesses. We are able to stay tuition free through our model of Work Therapy, which covers all Room and Board costs. Work therapy begins to establish a renewed Work Ethic, problem solving abilities, practical skills, working as a team, effective communication, building your resume for the future, while gaining extra earning opportunities.



We believe in you every step!

We are committed to your Spiritual Immersion. Providing pastoral counseling, small groups, large group sessions and an environment of Spiritual enrichment though Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Church, Worship, Prayer, Teaching. We combine this pastoral approach with a variety of assistance and care to navigate through pending cases, license issues and probation requirements. We desire each candidate to complete our program with many (if not all) of the inherent legal hurdles, fines and court issues to be proactively managed, enabling a Transformed and Transparent Life to be productive citizens again. We are proud to work with Public Defenders, Probation officers and Drug Courts throughout Ohio and the Tri-state region, in order to provide an outstanding, highly successful alternative to much treatment failure, recidivism and relapse.
We provide a fulfillment of Community Service in partnership with our affiliated Ministry: Hope Over Heroin, operating around the U.S.



Giving back

This outlet builds character and provides support to many men and women by giving back as a labor crew for large scale setup and logistics; it entails constructing a mainstage concert and speaking venue and serves to build a resource platform for local, regional and national recovery groups. It gives recovered individuals an opportunity to be an example of successful recovery, while professionals and volunteers are able to provide intervention, education, awareness and immediate program intake through Detox, IOP and Long Term Residential Treatment.
Heritage House provides Scholarships, Rental Assistance, Job Training and Placement for excellent young Men who are able to demonstrate a Commitment to Real, Practical Life Change. Change Your Life for Good®

Three Phases

Phase I Recovery

Typically 6 months in duration (175 days).

However, you being a new Recovery Resident, we ask you to ‘own’ your Recovery and help us to manage your Milestones and Progression. This Phase may be renewed for an indefinite period of time depending on whether you desire to excel and achieve certain levels of Character.
Do you Know? If you continue to function and respond to Conflict OR Boredom OR Depression the way you Always have– then you’ll Always BE the SAME person you have Always become accustomed to being. We are committed to Challenging All of your Sensibilities and filling your heart and mind with Hope and a Future.
You are expected to embrace Learning–to Function within a Group Setting, practicing Cooperation, Communication, a renewed Work Ethic, a Sense of Urgency, Timeliness, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Self Awareness, Self Denial and Self Control.

Phase II Life Training

Typically 4 months in duration (125 Days).

HOWEVER, we are not asking you to simply put in the time– we are actively preparing your character to be either a 1)Ministry Intern OR 2)Business Intern OR 3)you are PREPARING to acquire a job and career outside of the program while remaining connected within our graduate, collaborative housing. There is no reason for you to believe that once you graduate a Program, that all your problems will be completely solved –You need a Life Change–upon graduation, you need to stay connected Here (or somewhere) where you can surround yourself with other men of God, Entrepreneurs so that you can participate in Fellowship, Small Groups, Accountability, to remain Challenged and close to the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is Here to Lead you into everything that is True and Beneficial. We MUST see each area of character development being progressively achieved, and that you are committed to having a spirit of excellence—again, to either be invited to become a Phase III Intern or preparing for a career with an outside company.

Phase III Internship

(Ministry or Business) Typically about 8 months in Duration (250 days).

As part of your Internship, you are now being asked to be a part of the Heritage House rotation, to provide coverage and supervisory care to men in Phase I & II. You are Immersed in Work Therapy, Christian Education and Spiritual Renewal. However, your Work Therapy becomes a staggered schedule, a variety of tasks ranging from Work Therapy Sites to supervisory roles, as well as Church Facilities work and tasks, as mundane as cleaning, janitorial, general maintenance. You will be asked to help us in ministry, often requiring your assistance 7 days per week.
You are STILL Very much expected to embrace Learning: to Function within a Group Setting, Cooperation, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Self Awareness, Self Control. Self Denial. Your Supervisors are reviewing these attributes on a daily basis.
To GRADUATE as a Ministry Intern AND to be Vested Financially, you will have demonstrated an Excellent Spirit, a growing, servant heart, an encourager and communicator.

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